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  • By the 16th century, old Pressburg had become an affluent capital city of the Kingdom of Hungary providing a unique milieu for merchants and winemakers. With an influx of new and often times transient residents and rising interest in quality meals, roadhouses such as Grunstubelhaus or Zum wilden Mann (The Wild Man's) sprang up in the city centre, while pubs like Zlatá hus (Golden Goose), Zlatá ruža (Golden Rose), Zlatý jeleň (Golden Deer), Zlatá merica (Golden Metzen), Biela labuť (White Swan) and Tri zelené stromy (Three Green Trees) flourished on the outskirts of the city.
  • Many of them have remained on into the 20th century. Over time the traditional pubs and roadhouses changed and gradually lost their old Pressburg names.
  • Cafés came into fashion in Bratislava during the first half of the 18th century, allowing guests to order a coffee and read the latest Viennese newspaper, or play board games. Cafés became strong competition for pubs and wineries which were also popular at that time.
  • By the mid-18th century, there were nine famous establishments in the city. The most famous among them was the Lawyers' Café on the corner of Malá Ventúrska boulevard (today’s Hviezdoslavovo Square and Strakova Street). By 1915, there were 27 cafés in the city bearing names like Apfel, Stahl and others which have remained popular to the present day such as Savoy, Carlton, or Café Štefánia.


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